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(浙江专用版)2019版高考英语大一轮复习 第一部分 Unit 1 Women of achievement课件 新人教版必修4_图文


Unit 1 Women of achievement

Ⅰ.情景默写 1.Teaching is a _w_o_r_t_h_w_h_i_le_ (有价值的)job. 2.The company launched a huge advertising _c_am__p_a_ig_n_ (运动). 3.Please store the bottle of medicine in the __s_h_a_d_e__ (阴凉处). 4.Three thousand _a_u_d_i_en_c_e_ (观众)crowded in the concert hall. 5.Your _s_u_p_p_o_r_t _ (支持)has meant a lot to me during this difficult time. 6.The hospital has to treat __e_m_e_r_g_en_c_i_e_s_ (紧急事件)such as car accidents. 7.I’d like this package to be _d_e_li_v_e_re_d_ (递送)to Mrs.Adams in Room 338.

8.His father is a very _c_o_n_s_i_d_er_a_t_e_ (考虑周到的)man and he is also very modest. 9.Those who never respect other people will never be _r_e_sp_e_c_t_e_d (尊敬)by others. 10.The expert was _o_u_t_s_p_o_k_e_n_ (直言的)and he said that he was against the new project. 11.We need to eat less as we get older and our metabolic (新陈代谢) _r_at_e_ (速率)slows down. 12.You need some kind of _e_n_te_r_ta_i_n_m_e_n_t (娱乐)and it’s worthwhile if you want to work better. 13.She would be falsely ________ (谦虚的)not to acknowledge that she had come a very
long way since those earlymdoadyess.t 14.These athletes __________ (锻炼身体)at the gym for two hours every day. 15.She tried to sleep,wobrukt toouot many thoughts ___________ (涌入脑海)on her.
crowded in

16.You should respect them;after all no one likes being _l_o_o_k_e_d_d_o_w__n_u_p_o_n_/_o_n_ (蔑视). 17.Please _r_e_f_er__to__ (查阅)the dictionary if you don’t know how to pronounce the word. 18._D__e_v_o_te_d__to__ (献身于)his research work,the scientist has little time to spend with his
family. 19.Some of the students have already learned enough English to __c_a_rr_y__o_n_ (继续进行)a
conversation with a native speaker. 20.Yesterday,I __c_a_m_e__ac_r_o_s_s__ (偶遇)my former classmate,but his name escaped me,
which made me embarrassed.

Ⅱ.词性转换 1.I’ll never forget your _k_i_n_d_n_es_s_ (kind)and help during my stay here. 2.Do some research on the position and _o_r_g_a_n_iz_a_ti_o_n_ (organize)before the interview. 3.There is a definite _c_o_n_n_e_c_ti_o_n__ (connect)between citizens’ heart problems and their ways
of life. 4.The __cr_o_w__d__ went directly to the accident scene,and the spot was _c_r_o_w_d_e_d_ with
people.(crowd) 5.The child _b_e_h_a_v_e_d_ so well in class that the teacher praised his good _b_e_h_a_v_i_o_u_r_ in front
of others.(behave)

6.He has been _o_b_s_e_r_v_in_g__ the situation of that region for a long time,so his _o_b_s_e_rv_a_t_io_n_ is believable.(observe)
7.Listening to his _i_n_s_p_ir_in_g_ speech,we were _in_s_p_i_re_d__ to make great efforts.It gave us not only hope but also _i_n_sp_i_r_a_ti_o_n_.(inspire)
8.The rich man went abroad with the _i_n_te_n_t_io_n_ of trying his fortune,while the poor man _i_n_te_n_d_e_d_ to learn some skills of earning money.(intend)
9.He _a_r_g_u_e_d__ against smoking,and insisted that it was beyond _a_rg_u_m__e_n_t that smoking was harmful to health.At last,he __ar_g_u_e_d__ us out of smoking.(argue)
10.I hold the firm belief that you are bound to __ac_h_i_e_v_e_ your dream of being admitted to a key university,which will give you a wonderful sense of _a_c_h_i_e_v_em__e_n_t_.(achieve)

1.句型公式:only在句首修饰作状语的副词或介词短语时,句子要部分倒装 只有相互理解和相互学习,我们才能共同幸福地度过这些日子。 Only by understanding and learning each other ___c_a_n_w__e_s_p_e_n_d___ these days together happily.
2.句型公式:It hits/hit sb.+从句,表示“某人突然想起……” 我忽然想到我告诉他们的电话号码是错的。 _I_t _h_it_m__e_t_h_a_t _ the phone number I had told them was wrong.

3.句型公式:once意为“一旦”,引导条件状语从句 一旦学会了利用失败,那么失败就能为你的生活做出积极的贡献。 Failure can make a positive contribution to your life __o_n_c_e_y_o_u__le_a_r_n_t_o_m__a_k_e_u_s_e_o_f_i_t__.

1.intend vt.& vi.打算,计划,想要;意指,意思是
单句语法填空/一句多译 ①I looked carefully at the text and realized that it was intended ___fo_r____ women in the countryside. ②He left England with the _i_n_te_n_t_io_n_ (intend)of travelling in Africa. ③These rules are intended __to__p_r_e_v_en_t__ (prevent)accidents from happening.

④我本打算去那里,但在最后一分钟我改变了主意。 ④-1 I _h_a_d__in_t_e_n_d_e_d_t_o_g_o__ there but I changed my mind at the last minute. ④-2 I _i_n_te_n_d_e_d__to__h_a_v_e_g_o_n_e__ there but I changed my mind at the last minute.
状元笔记全记牢 (1)intend doing/to do sth.打算/想要做某事 intend sb.to do sth.计划让某人做某事 be intended for/to do...旨在,预定……用途;为……打算的 (2)intention n.意图;目的;打算 【点津】 had intended to do...=intended to have done...本打算做…… (但实际未做)

2.behave vt.& vi.举动;(举止或行为)表现 高考必刷题练透
单句语法填空/完成句子 ①Behave __y_o_u_rs_e_lf_ (you);do not make a fool of yourself. ②Much to my surprise,he _b_e_h_a_v_e_d_ as if nothing had happened.In general,I was quite pleased with his _b_eh_a_v_i_o_u_r.(behave) ③He always _b_e_h_a_v_e_s_v_e_r_y_w__e_ll_t_o_w_a_r_d_s/_t_o_u_s__ (对我们很好). ④If parents do not teach their child __h_o_w__to__b_e_h_a_v_e_h_im__s_e_lf_ (如何守规矩),he will do anything at will.

状元笔记全记牢 (1)behave well/badly举止良好/糟糕 behave well/badly to/towards sb.对待某人好/差 behave oneself守规矩;表现得体 (2)well-behaved表现好的 badly-behaved表现差的 (3)behaviour n.举止;行为

3.observe vt.观察;注意到;观测;遵守;庆祝
写出下列句子中observe的词义/完成句子 ①Though having lived abroad for years,many Chinese still observe the traditional customs. _遵__守__;__遵__从___ ②It is a tradition for the people here to observe the Spring Festival. ____庆__祝______ ③The scientist devoted most of his lifetime to observing the behavior of the chimps. ___观__察_______ ④The thief was observed to open the window and run away. ___注__意__到_____ ⑤The police observed _t_h_at__th_e_d_r_i_v_e_r _d_id__n_o_t_o_b_s_er_v_e__th_e_t_r_a_ff_ic__ru_l_e_s_ (那位司机没有遵 守交通规则).

⑥The guard _o_b_s_e_rv_e_d__a_y_o_u_n_g__m_a_n__st_e_a_li_n_g_ (注意到一位年轻人正偷东西)from the office, and he tried to approach him quietly.
状元笔记全记牢 (1)observe sb.do sth.观察/看到某人做某事(全过程) observe sb.doing sth.观察/看到某人正在做某事 observe that...观察到…… (2)observation n.观察;观察力;观测 【点津】 observe sb.do sth.中do为不带to的动词不定式,变成被动语态时要把to 补充出来,相 似用法的还有使役动词如make,感官动词如see,hear等。

4.argue vi.争吵,争论 vi.& vt.辩论,主张,说服
单句语法填空/一句多译 ①It’s no use arguing _a_b_o_u_t_/o_v_e_r_ the question _w_i_th__ him for he won’t change his opinion. ②The author supported the theme of the text by stating different _a_r_g_u_m_e_n_t_s__ (argue). ③I argue that every one of us _(_s_h_o_u_ld_)_tr_y_ (try)our best to help those in need. ④说服农民相信科学种田是我们的任务。 ④-1 It is our task __to__ar_g_u_e_t_h_e_p_e_a_s_a_n_ts__in_t_o_b_e_l_ie_v_i_n_g__scientific farming.(argue) ④-2 _T_o_p_e_r_su_a_d_e__th_e__p_ea_s_a_n_t_s_to__b_e_li_e_v_e_/i_n_to__b_e_li_e_v_in_g__scientific farming is our task. (persuade)

(1)argue with sb.about/over sth.与某人就某事争辩 argue for/against为……据理力争/据理反对…… argue sb.into/out of doing sth.说服某人做/不做某事 (2)argument n.争辩;论据,论点 【点津】 argue that...意为“主张……”时,that从句的谓语动词常使用虚拟语气“ (should)do” 形式。

5.support vt.& n.支持;拥护;赡养 高考必刷题练透
单句语法填空/完成句子 ①He had to do an extra job after work,for he had a big family _t_o_s_u_p_p_o_r_t_ (support). ②We’ll support you heart and soul ___i_n____ your new experiment. ③Only a few people spoke ____in__s_u_p_p_o_rt_o_f_h_i_s_p_l_a_n____ (支持他的计划),which made him very disappointed.

状元笔记全记牢 (1)support sb.in (doing)sth.在 (做)某事方面支持某人 support sb.by (doing)sth.通过 (做)某事支持某人 support oneself自力更生 (2)in support of支持,支援;拥护

6.respect vt.尊重;尊敬 n.敬意;尊敬;方面,细节 高考必刷题练透
单句语法填空/完成句子 ①I hope airlines can show more respect ___f_o_r ___ passengers and improve service. ②In respect ___o_f____ this question,there are three opinions. ③_R__es_p_e_c_t_y_o_u_r_s_el_f__,or no one else will ___r_e_s_p_e_ct_y_o_u_____. [谚]君须自敬,人乃敬之。

状元笔记全记牢 (1)respect sb.for sth.因某事尊敬或敬重某人 (2)show/have respect for对……表示尊敬/尊重 give/send one’s respects to代某人向……问候 in respect of关于;就……而言

7.deliver vt.递送;接生;发表 (演说等)
单句语法填空/完成句子 ①Each time he delivered a letter ___t_o____ Mrs.Brown,he had to finish his work quite late,because she lived far away. ②The headmaster _d_e_l_iv_e_r_e_d_a_n__im__p_o_rt_a_n_t_s_p_e_ec_h__ at the meeting yesterday,which left a deep impression on his students.在昨天的会议上校长发表了重要演说,这给他的学 生们留下了深刻印象。

状元笔记全记牢 (1)deliver sth.to sb.把……递送给某人 deliver a speech发表演说 (2)delivery n.投递;送货;分娩 【点津】 deliver后不接双宾语,即不能说deliver sb.sth.。

8.refer to提及;谈到;参考;查阅;提交;涉及
写出下列句中refer to的词义 ①If you don’t know the exact meaning of the word,you may refer to the dictionary. ____查__阅______ ②Your notes are excellent materials to refer to when you are studying for a test. ____参__考______ ③We have reached an agreement that we will not refer to the matter again. ____提__及______ ④The new law does not refer to land used for farming. ____涉__及______

状元笔记全记牢 (1)refer...to...把……提交给…… (以求获得帮助) refer to...as...把……称作…… (2)reference n.言及;提及;参考;查阅 【点津】 refer to中的to为介词,后接名词、代词或动名词等作宾语。

9.come across (偶然)遇见;碰见 高考必刷题练透
单句语法填空/完成句子 ①When walking down the street,I came __a_c_r_o_ss__ David,whom I hadn’t seen for years. ②From the book,I have learned that ___w__h_e_n_ev_e_r_w__e_c_o_m__e_a_c_r_o_ss__d_if_fi_c_u_lt_i_es(无论什么 时候我们遇到困难),we should never give in.

come about发生 come on快点;加油;出场;进步 come out出现;开花;发行;发表 come up (问题、计划等)被提出;升起;长出地面 come up with提出

10.It hit (s)sb.+从句 高考必刷题练透
单句语法填空/一句多译 ①Suddenly ____it____ hit me how difficult it was for a woman to get medical training at that time.

②他突然想到第二天上午他要参加一个重要的会议。 ②-1 _I_t_h_i_t _h_im__t_h_a_t _ he had an important conference to attend the next morning.(hit) ② - 2 I_t _o_c_c_u_rr_e_d_t_o_h_i_m__th_a_t__ he had an important conference to attend the next morning.(occur) ②-3 _I_t _st_r_u_ck__h_im___th_a_t_ he had an important conference to attend the next morning. (strike)

状元笔记全记牢 “It hit (s)sb.+从句”结构,意思是“某人突然想到……”,it在句中作形式主语。 类似的结构还有: (1)It occurs/occurred to sb.that...(某人)突然想到…… (2)It strikes/struck sb.that...(某人)突然想到…… (3)It happens/happened that...碰巧……

Jane Goodall has studied the chimps for many years and helped people understand how much they behave 1.__l_ik_e____ humans.2.__S_i_n_c_e__ her childhood she had wanted to work with animals in their own environment.However,this was not easy.When she arrived at Gombe in 1960,it was 3.__u_n_u_su_a_l_ (usual) for a woman to live in the forest.Only after her mother came to help her for 4.___t_h_e___ first few months was she allowed to begin her project.She spent many years 5._o_b_s_e_r_v_in_g_(observe) and recording their daily activities,and watching them wake up was her first activity of every day.She

also discovered 6.___h_o_w___ chimps communicate with each other.She 7.__h_a_s__a_rg_u_e_d___ (argue) that they should be left around the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements.She has helped to set up special places 8.__w_h_e_r_e__ they can live safely.She has achieved everything she wanted to do,and she 9.__i_s_r_e_sp_e_c_t_e_d_ (respect) by many people around the world.And now she inspires those who want to cheer the 10._a_c_h_ie_v_e_m__en_t_s_ (achieve) of women.

Ⅱ.课文概要写作 细读本单元 Reading 部分,根据其内容写一篇 60 词左右的概要。

【参考范文】 In the 1960s,Jane Goodall moved off to Africa to study chimps.(要点1)She spent
over 25 years observing and recording their daily activities and fully understood chimps’ behaviour like humans.(要点2)Her research showed the close connections between chimps and human beings and changed the way people think about chimps.(要点3)Later, she did many things to protect animals.(要点4)Jane’s great achievements show that women can be as great as men.(要点5)

Ⅲ.课文话题写作 一、用本单元所学知识补全短文
One day,I _c_a_m_e_a_c_r_o_s_s_(偶然碰到) a book in the bookshop which i_s_i_n_te_n_d_e_d__fo_r_ (为……而准备) parents.There are some tips in the book,such as to teach children _h_o_w__t_o_b_e_h_a_v_e_t_h_e_m_s_e_l_v_es__ (如何守规矩) and __r_e_s_p_e_ct_o_t_h_e_r_s_ (尊敬他人).The book also mentions some parents and their children who _h_a_v_e__m_a_d_e__g_re_a_t_a_c_h_ie_v_e_m__e_n_ts_(取得 了很大成就).①In my opinion,it is worth reading.The author often tells us not to __lo_o_k__d_o_w_n__u_p_o_n_/o_n__ (瞧不起) ordinary jobs._O__n_c_e_y_o_u_b_e_g_i_n_t_o_d_o__s_o_m_e_t_h_in_g_ (一旦你 开始做某事),you must continue with it, _o_th_e_r_w_i_se_(however /instead/otherwise) you will achieve nothing.②You will be content with your life only when you are old looking back and saying that you have tried your best.

二、按要求升级短文 1.用本单元的高级词汇升级短文中的加黑词汇
(1)mentions→____r_e_fe_r_s_t_o______ (2)continue with→__c_a_r_r_y_o_n__w_i_th____ 2.用高级表达升级短文中的句子 (1)用worthwhile改写句① As far as I’m concerned,_i_t _is_w__o_rt_h_w_h_i_l_e_r_e_ad_i_n_g_/_to__re_a_d__. (2)用倒装句改写句② Only when you are old looking back and saying that you have tried your best _w__il_l _y_o_u_b_e__co_n_t_e_n_t_w_i_t_h_y_o_u_r_l_if_e_.


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